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Omved Nidra Sound Sleep Mist - 100 ml

Omved Nidra Sound Sleep Mist - 100 ml

  • Rs. 650.00

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Sleep sound with the aromatic mist of Tulsi, Lavender, Jatamansi and Vetiver. This essential blend of oils soothes the tired nerves.

Lavender calms and soothes Jatamansi balances the bodys natural rhythm Tulsi and Vetiver aid peaceful sleep.The Nidra Sound

Sleep mist can be enjoyed in various ways :

Spray it on a pillow and the unique blend of antibacterial oils will help induce deep restorative sleep while freshening up the pillow.

Spray it on the bed linens, towels and clothing just before ironing to get that fresh, crispy clean feeling. The application of the hot iron helps to infuses the scent into the fabric ensuring that the aroma will be long lasting.

Sprayed as a deodorizing room spray it will give a pleasing scent to rooms without being too overpowering. Aroma sprays are a synergistic blend of essential ois in an ozone friendly spray. Aromatic oils in a base of pure water create a light, natural mist that infuses the air with the comforting aroma-therapeutic essences of pure essential oils - to soothe the mind and the soul. Compresses help essential oils to penetrate deep into tissues, where they can help regenerate cells, bringing vital oxygen and nourishment. 
With a multitude of uses, these refreshing aromatic sprays will become an indispensable part of your natural remedies home kit.

Ingredients : Pure therapeutic grade essential oils of tulsi, lavender, jatamasi, vertiver in a base of Distilled Mineral water. Contains 100ml.

Direction For use : Spray a light mist over the pillow or sheets. Allow fabric to dry prior to contact. As air freshener - spray in the air away from eyes.