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Dr. Jain's Cucumber Gel 100 Gms (Set of 4)

Dr. Jain's Cucumber Gel 100 Gms (Set of 4)

  • Rs. 630.00

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Dr. Jain's Cucumber gel is made from fresh cucumbers and processed without any treatment of chemicals or solvents. The fibers are removed carefully without excessive heating, or pressure. The juice is stabilised and gelled to retain its original flavour and values. It is basically meant for external application for tender care of your face and skin. any treatment with chemicals. This gel thus can be used to make various beauty home care produts, such as skin eruption and freckles.


Cucumber Juice, Perfumed Gel Base


For cleansing: Can apply all over face massage gently and cleanse with cotton pads(can dilute with water while applying) for better results add Almond oil 10 ml and 20 drops each of lavender oil and Rosemary oil to the jar(100gm) of cucumber gel. Use required quality for cleansing.

In Sun stroke: Apply gel liberally over the head and face so that the person may breathe moist air in order to neutralise the heat of the body. The refrigerant gel is slight astringent, cool and refreshig. Apply on all affacted parts. Keep for 20 mnts. and wash of with cold water.

Antiwrinkle preparations: Take 100gms of Cucumber gel, add 10 ml of jojoba oil or patchauli oil four drops clarysage oil 8 drops and Rose oil 10 drops, mix well and massage with little gel at night.

For  Fair complexion: Chandan powder 1 spoon ,Haldi powder 1/4 spoon Cucumber gel 4 spoon Milk 2 spoon mix well, make thin paste and apply on face and on other parts such as arms, legs neck etc. Keep for 30 minuts and wash off with cold water. (use for atleast 3 months)

Puffy/Tires Eyes: Cucumber Gel 1 Sp. Mint Pudina Powder 1/4sp Rose water 1/4sp Lemon Oil 1 drop cold water sufficient Soak cotton wool with above mixture , make eyepads and place them on closed eyes. This will also help lighten the dark circle around the eyes.

Stretch Marks: 2 teaspoon of cucumber gel add Til oil 1 ml Ambahalsi 2 pinch and lemon juice 20 drops. Mix well and apply over the area, massage gently, after few minutes scrub gently.


Four jars of 100 gms each