Vedic Delite Pure Rosemary Essential Oil 10mL

Vedic Delite Pure Rosemary Essential Oil 10mL

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An evergreen shrub with numerous branches; ash-colored scaly bark and leathery, thick leaves, which are lustrous and dark green above, and white underneath.

100% Organic

Quantity: 10mL

Ingredients: 100% Pure Steam Distilled Essential Oil extracted from Rosemary plant

Key Benefits:

- Best-known use is as facial oil for extremely dry skin

- Anti Ageing

- Boosts Immunity

- Rosemary essential oil nourishes the scalp and keeps hair looking healthy and shiny

- Many users claim that it promotes hair growth, though there is not any medical evidence to support this argument

- It normalizes excessive oil secretions and improves most scalp problems, particularly dandruff and seborrhea

- Helpful in treating cellulite

- Balances intense emotions and controls mood swings

- Lifts spirits and counters depression

- Assists in managing stress and overcoming stress-related disorders and nervous exhaustion

Blends Well With: Rosemary French blends well with basil, bergamot, cedarwood, frankincense, ginger, lemon, orange and peppermint

How to Use: Blend 2-3 drops of the essential oil with any fragrance free massage oil to create the desired massage blend. Alternatively add 5-10 drops to water in a diffuser or burner for home aromatherapy

Best Before: 2 years from Date of Manufacturing


- Keep away from children

- Keep away from sources of heat/flame

- Do not apply directly on skin

- Must be diluted with suitable carrier oil before use

- Not recommended for pregnant women

- For external use only

Store: Store in a cool dry place