All Natural So Sweet - Stevia Combo Kit

So Sweet - Stevia Combo Kit

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Sweet but Not Sugar, that is how Stevia is defined and used.

The zero calorie and zero glycemic index herb, Stevia is native to Paraguay. It is extremely sweet.  Stevia leaves when dried contain numerous vitamins and trace elements like Selenium, Cobalt and Chromium. These elements are powerful antioxidants and improve overall health.

Stevia is the healthiest natural sugar substitute, and the most trusted natural sweet plants on Earth. Stevia is a green leaves with natural sweet taste.

It has been used as a healthy alternative to sugar for people seeking over all improved health by controlling blood sugar, preventing hypertension, treating skin disorders, preventing tooth decay and controlling Candida.

Since stevia has zero calories, zero carbohydrates and a zero glycemic index.

- Maintains heat stability at 95 °C and features a lengthy shelf life.
- Unlike artificial sweeteners, it doesn't break down with heat, so you can cook with it too.
- Acts as Plaque retardant Anti-caries and prevents cavities
- Non-toxic extensively tested with no adverse effects
- It has excellent healing capabilities without scarring if placed on a cut.

Stevia is compatible with salts, organic acids and other natural sweeteners such as sucrose, molasses, barley malt, honey, fructose and sorbitol. It does not ferment, colour or precipitate.

You can use Stevias like sugar, to add natural sweetness to your hot or cold beverages, sprinkle on your favorite fruits and use in recipes.  It can also be used in appetizers, soups, salads and vegetables, breads and rolls, casseroles, pies and pastries.

This Stevia combo kit contains:

1) So Sweet Stevia Sachets (50 Sachets) – 1 Pack

Each sachet (0 cal) is equivalent in sweetness to 2 teaspoons of sugar (40 cals).

2) So Sweet Stevia Tablets (100 in a dispenser) – 2 Dispensers

Each tablet is equivalent to one tea spoon of sugar

3) So Sweet Stevia Powder (100 gms Stevia Powder) -  1 bottle