All Natural So Sweet Stevia Leaf 25Gms

So Sweet Stevia Leaf 25Gms

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Leaves are the most natural form of stevia, use it either for its medical properties or a sweetener.

Stevia leaves can be used for sweetening your tea, coffee or beverages and can be had for health reasons. Stevia herbal plant is a 100% Natural Sweetner.

It contains a number of salts, minerals, vitamins, phyto-nutrients, volatile oil, proteins & fibers with no calories which help us to keep healthy.

An extremely ideal sweetner.

Nett Weight: 25 Gms


Reb A (stevia extract) with Erythritol

Nutrition Facts:

Serving size (1 g)       
                           Nutrition                                      Value
Protein                     0gm
Fat                     0gm
Carbohydrates                     0gm
Total Energy                     0 cals








Best Before: 2 years from the date of Manufacturing

Cautions: Keep in a Cool & Dry place