Barva Skin Therapie Lipsticks 4.3 gm Each

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A lipstick that takes care of your lips. Thease lipsticks contain the goodness of clarified butter, Kokam butter (garcinia indica), beeswax. This creamy formulation locks in the moisture of your lips instantly & keeps them soft & supple throughout the day.

Special Features

1. 100% Natural base

2.  No side effects

3.  Prevents -

     a  Ageing

     b  Lip cracking

     c  Blackening of lips

Experience the purity of certified organic, clarified butter (cow ghee) kokum butter (garcinia indica), beex wax and honey. (Lead Free, Paraben Free)

Colours available:


Code Colour             MFG      EXPIRY

118    Sunset              Oct-15    Oct-18
119    Coral                Jan-16    Jan-19
206    Burgandy          Oct-15    Oct-18
208    Pomegranate    Aug-16    Aug-19
215    Mauve              Jan-17    Jan-20
219    Party Purple      Oct-15    Oct-18
222    Orchid              Aug-16    Aug-19
225    Rose Damask   Aug-16    Aug-19
313    Cotton Candy    Aug-16    Aug-19
327    Pnk Fever         Oct-15    Oct-18
329    Seduce             Aug-16    Aug-19
336    Fuchisa             Jan-17    Jan-20
408    Natural Brown    Aug-16    Aug-19
411    Mocha              Oct-15    Oct-18
412    Earth                Oct-15    Oct-18
417    Bark Brown        Aug-16    Aug-19
501    Fantasy            Aug-16    Aug-19
504    Passion            Aug-16    Aug-19
604    Fiery                Aug-16    Aug-19
608    Flame              Oct-15    Oct-18
616    Wine Red         Aug-16    Aug-19