Conscious Food Pigeon Pea (Tuvar Dal) 500Gms

Conscious Food Pigeon Pea (Tuvar Dal) 500Gms

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Tur Dal is commonly known as the toor dal, tuvar dal or arhar dal. In Western countries they are known as pigeon pea, congo pea, gungo pea (in Jamaica), Pois congo (in Haiti), Gandul (in Puerto Rico). It is a perennial member of the Fabaceae family and scientifically called as Cajanus cajan.

In Indian cooking, dal is the main accompaniment that can be served with any type of rice be it plain rice or jeera rice etc, or Indian flat bread like roti, chapatti, naan etc as it provides the requisite proteins for a balanced meal. Toor dal or Tur dal is staple food in Indian cuisine. It is the main protein compliment for vegetarian diet when paired with a starchy food like rice and is a dish that is prepared everyday in most of the Indian homes. Dal is a great way to bring India flavors into your homes.

Nett Weight: 500 Gms

Does Not Contain: Synthetic Chemical Inputs (e.g. Fertilizer, Pesticides, AntiBiotics, Food Additives, etc), Genetically Modified Organisms, and Irradiation