Earth Loaf Chai Masala BonBon Chocolate 54Gms (Pack of Two)

Earth Loaf Chai Masala BonBon Chocolate 54Gms (Pack of Two)

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Our signature 72% raw dark chocolate filled with raw stone-ground cashew cream macerated with ground black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cassia bark, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg , real vanilla, palmyra sugar and rock salt.

A great chocolate for those who prefer their chocolate mellow and creamy with an inclination towards sensational spices.

This bon-bon contains all of the life affirming goodness of raw cacao, and is sweetened with low glycemic (45 G.I.) palmyra sugar.

Nett Quantity: 6 pieces per box (54 Gms)

Ingredients: Organic Raw South Indian Cacao Beans, organic palymra sugar, cardamom, cinnamon, cassia bark, black pepper, cloves,, ginger, nutmeg, real vanilla and rock salt

* Ingredients have been certified organic under NPOP standards - product certification is pending. FSSAI approved

Key Features:

- A  mellower chocolate experience

- Handmade

- Great for those who prefer a sweeter, creamier finish

- An array of spices encased in deccadent 72% dark chocolate

Store: store in a cool dry place between 8c and 19c

Best Before: 6 months from Date of Manufacturing

NOTE: Ships directly from manufacturer