Herbal Strategi Nature Spray - Herbal Room Freshner 300mL Pack Of 3

Herbal Strategi Nature Spray - Herbal Room Freshner 300mL Pack Of 3

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Herbal Room Freshner

Nature Spray is the natural way to keep a room fresh and sanitized. Unlike other room fresheners in the market which are made from dangerous chemicals such as toluene, benzene, formaldehyde and phthalates, Nature Spray is 100% Herbal made from Aromatic oils and Herbal extracts. It is safe non toxic and eco friendly. Nature Spray eliminates odors and freshens up the room.

Nett Quantity: 300mL

Key Features:

- For a germ/insect free home

- Removes Stains too

- Made from a unique blend of herbal oils and plant extracts

- Effective on Different Types of Surfaces

- 100% Herbal

- Non Toxic

- No Chemicals

- Eco friendly

Ingredients: Each 100mL contains

Cymbopogon Citriatus : 6 ml, Citrus Lemon : 6 ml, Azardirachta indica : 15 ml, Cedrus Deodara : 6 ml, Exciepients /Water : Q.S, Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine

Directions of Use:

Unlock safety stopper to release the trigger. Spray in a room 3-5 times with nozzle pointed upwards in the air. Repeat after 2-3 hours. Removes stale and musty odour and leaves behind a spa like refreshing feeling.

Best Before: 3 Years from Date of Manufacturing


- Keep away from children and direct flame

- Avoid direct contact with eyes, cuts and wounds

- Store in a cool place / avoid exposure to direct sunlight

- For external use only.