Indie Eco Candles Pure Citronella Candle

Indie Eco Candles Pure Citronella Candle

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These candles are handcrafted with natural vegetable wax and pure citronella essential oil. They are a clean, green, non toxic alternative to paraffin wax candles as they are free from petrochemicals and pollutants. Natural wax candles, unlike regular candles, burn without emitting harmful gases.

Since these candles are made in jars, the caps can be used to extinguish a burning candle as well as keep it clean till the next use.

Key Features:

- Wicks are made of cotton

- Citronella Oil is known to be the best plant based Natural Insect Repellent. 

- Safe for use indoors as well as outdoors

- The candles create an effective, non-toxic shield that smells refreshing

- Each candle burns for more than 20 hours

Ingredients: Pure Citronella Oil and Natural Wax

Weight: Quantity of Wax : 135 Gms

Gross weight is 285 grams