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Krya: Dishwash & Detergent Combo

Krya: Dishwash & Detergent Combo

  • Rs. 490.00

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1. Krya Natural Dishwash

Foaming Natural Dishwash Powder. Cleanse to a Sparkle. Gentle on Hands. Made from certified Organic Plant based ingredients.

Krya Natural foaming Dishwash Powder easily cuts through grease and encrusted food to give you clean, sparkling dishes. Works on all types of dishes including glass & non stick ware.

No synthetic additives like bleaches, colours or chemicals come into contact with your dishes or food when you use Kyra Natural Dish wash Powder.

Works great for:

Baby’s feeding bottles and cutlery – gently anti bacterial in nature and works really well on smelly bottles.

Key Benefits:

Works on All Types of Dishes Including Glass & Non-Stick Ware

- Washes dishes to a sparkling clean

- Kind on skin – leaves your hands feeling soft and heathy even after doing the dishes

- Biodegradable and compostable product

- Wash water can be filtered and recycled (after removing dish grease and foodwaste)

- Cruelty free and Vegan (no animal derived ingredients)

- Non-toxic, safe ingredients – no need to double and triple rinse for personal safety

Directions to Use: For each dish, use a pinch of the powder on a wet sponge. For tough greasy dishes, sprinkle powder and water and soak for 5 mins. before scrubbing.

For non-stick dishes, use a soft non-abrassive sponge.

Ingredients: Certified Organic soapberries, certified organic neem leaves, certified organic zeodary & certified organic lemongrass essential oil

Nett Weight: 350 Gms

Storage: Store in an airtight container. Use only a dry spoon to measure out the krya dish-wash. If your powder gets lumpy because of moisture, dry it in the sun for a couple of hours and store it back in your container. You can also simply crush the lumps with your fingers and use the powder as usual.

2. Krya Organic Detergent

Organic Soapberry Powder for Clothes & Fabrics.

Krya Organic Soapberry Powder Cleans clothes really well while caring for fabric, colour and texture, wash after wash. The wash water can be recycled to water your plants. 

Contains no synthetic additives like bleaches, enzymes, fragrances or other chemicals.

Key Benefits:

- Designed to work in both front load & top load washing machines

- Gentle on Fabric and keeps it soft

- Maintains Colour and Texture

- Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal in action

- Biodegradable and compostable residue

Also Recommended for:

- Cottons, Handlooms and naturally dyed fabric to maintain colour and fabric

- Baby’s diapers, nappies and clothes to gently but thoroughly clean leaving behind only soft and clean clothes

- Modern cloth diapers – cleans thoroughly without build up keeping keeps inserts, pockets and covers fresh and soft

Directions to Use:

- For Front Load & Top Load Machines: Put 1 tablespoon (10 Gm) of Krya Organic Soapberry Powder into the cloth pouch and tie securely. Drop into the detergent dispenser. Run the machine as usual.

- For Hand wash: Put 1 tablespoon (10 Gm) of Krya Organic Soapberry Powder into an empty bucket. Turn on the tap. Soak the clothes for 20 minutes and wash as usual.

- For spots, stains, cuffs & collars: Make a thick paste of Krya Organic Soapberry Powder with water. Scrub the problem area with this paste, and then wash as usual.

Nett Weight: 400 Gms

Ingredients: Certified Organic, hand picked, sun dried soapberries crushed skillfully. Food grade Organic Calcium carbonate, 2 cotton pouches

Best Before for Both Products: 12 Months from Date of Manufacturing