LaPlant Himalayan Lemongrass 50 Gms

LaPlant Himalayan Lemongrass 50 Gms

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Himalayan Lemongrass, apart from being a source of numerous nutrients, provides multitude of health benefits due to its superior anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. It cleanses body by eliminating toxic substance, improves digestive systems and reduces bad cholesterol.

Our Lemongrass is grown organically, without any use of chemicals in upper Himalayas. The roots are sown in the monsoons and the plant is tended with adequate water for the next 1 year. The leaves are then plucked after a year and cut with a chop cutter. The chopped leaves are then sundried for 3 to 4 days.

Preparation instruction: Bring water to boil, use one teaspoon per cup and let it steep for 5 minutes or longer. Cover the pot or cup with lid to preserve the oils of the infusion. Strain and serve with plain honey.

Nett Quantity: 50 Gms

Key Benefits:

- 100% Natural

- High Grown Himalayan Lemongrass


Fresh Lemongrass

Directions to Use:

- Pour boiling water into a container

- Add half a teaspoon of LaPlant Green Tea per cup and brew for 2 mins

- Strain into a cup

- Sweeten with honey or sugar