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Maduban Naturals Antioxidant/Diabetic food supplement powder

Maduban Naturals Antioxidant/Diabetic food supplement powder

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Antioxidant/Diabetic Food Supplement Powder

‘Maduban Naturals’ brings you the goodness of both Pomegranate and Jamun (Indian Blackberry) fruits in the form of food supplement powder for easy day to day consumption. The food supplement powder brings the much needed antioxidants and glucosides to help prevent & control diabetes, cholesterol, triglycerides, when mixed with our everyday meals.

Brief on product

  • A mixture of highly concentrated form of Pomegranate & Jamun whole fruit extracts blended with Fenugreek and Curry leaf powder.
  • Neutral in taste. Does not influence the taste of the food item it is mixed with.
  • Due to the high concentration of the fruit extracts, small quantities of the powder is enough to deliver the needed nutrients.
  • Fenugreek & Curry leaf powder add to the flavor besides imparting blood sugar controlling properties.
  • Easy to carry during travel.
  • No organic solvents are used in our process of extraction of the fruits

Product content

  • Jamun whole fruit extract, Pomegranate whole fruit extract, Fenugreek, Curry leaves
  • Totally Pure. Free of any fillers, preservatives, colors or flavors.

Health benefits of Jamun

  • Jamun fruit is rich in glucosides that help maintain healthy blood sugar levels in the body
  • Very useful in preventing diabetes
  • Is also helpful in skin related infections
  • Useful during stomach disorders

Health benefits of Pomegranate

  • Pomegranate is the richest source of antioxidants among all fruits
  • Is very helpful in maintaining healthy heart functions
  • Is very useful as a diabetic food supplement
  • Useful for people having high cholestrol levels
  • Prevents damage to body by free-radicals
  • Useful for people having high blood pressure levels

Nutrition facts
Each tsp of the powder mix delivers the full spectrum of pomegranate antioxidants, namely punicalgins along with the rich glucosides of the jamun fruit besides the goodness curry leaves and fenugreek.

Directions for Use :

  • Can be mixed with wheat flour (atta) to make 'fortified' chappatis. (1 tsp of the powder mix for every Kg of wheat flour) - the colour of the resulting chappatis will be slightly dark but with no change in taste.
  • Can be mixed with dosa batter (1 tsp of the powder mix for every Kg of the batter)
  • Can also be added to any curry, sauce, sambar or rasam. The powder may be added at the end of the cooking process (preferably after turning the cooking flame out) and stirred well. This would help prevent the loss of nutrients due to heat.
  • Can also be added to beverages like buttermilk or curds

Storage : Store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight

Expiry period :
Best used within 12 months from date of manufacture

Pack : 45 Gms powder per carton. Pack size is approximately equivalent for 1 month consumption per family