Naturally Yours Black Rice 500G

Naturally Yours Black Rice 500G

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"The rare and exotic varieties grown in small pockets of Burma (Myanmar) and India. Black rice is rich in minerals, high in dietary fiber and has antioxidant properties. The unusual color makes black rice very popular for exotic desserts.

Historically reserved for the elite noble class of ancient China, “Forbidden Rice” or Black Rice, is a rare and nutritious grain offering the many health benefits found in blueberries, grapes, and acai. This grain is low in fat, rich in fiber, full of protein and antioxidants, with essential vitamins and minerals.

Health benefits:

1. Black rice nutrition data shows that you can obtain 4 percent of your recommended daily intake of iron from one serving of the       rice. Iron ensures that the body receives adequate oxygen by promoting the proper production of red blood cells.

2. Black rice contains anthocyanin antioxidants which also help to protect the body from heart disease and certain types of               cancer. Black rice is low in calorie content and made up of mostly of carbohydrates. After eating black rice, you are likely to         feel much fuller because it is rich in fiber. Fiber adds bulk to the digestive system and hence leads to a satiating feeling. This        will prevent overeating during meals and will also keep you full for longer periods of time. 

3. Black rice is also digested at a slower rate due to its fiber content and this means that the foods stays in the stomach for more     time. This helps to reduce hunger pangs. 

4. Studies have shown that black rice may help to alleviate the inflammation that occurs in allergies and other illnesses. 

5. The bran or outer husk of the rice may help to restrict the release of histamine. Histamine is responsible for the symptoms of        allergies. 

6. Black rice also helps to soothe the irritation and swelling that occurs due to allergic contact dermatitis. Therefore black rice is        an important food for those who suffer from any type of chronic inflammation. "

Best Before: 12 Months from Date of Manufacturing