Naturally Yours Brazil Nuts 50 Gms

Naturally Yours Brazil Nuts 50 Gms

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Brazil nuts are technically seeds, not nuts, but their brown nut-like casings have led most people to call them nuts. They are produced by a South American tree which tends to grow in virgin rain forests, and they are an extremely popular food source in many Latin American nations, as well of the rest of the world. The nuts have a rich, creamy flavor which lends itself well to an assortment of dishes in addition to being tasty on its own.

How to use:

Brazil nuts can be eaten raw or used in cooking. 

Whole, they are used in confectionary and are good for decorating fruit cakes or larger cakes because of their nice shape and size. 

Roughly ground, they make good toppings for desserts and add crunch to rice or vegetable dishes. 

Ground Brazil nuts can be stirred into cakes and cheesecake bases.

Health Benefits:

1. Selenium in Brazilian nuts is also beneficial for building the immune system and helps wounds to heal. Just 3 to 4 Brazil nuts a day can fulfill your entire selenium requirement.

2. According to medical research, selenium in these nuts also provides protection from heart diseases. This trace mineral activates the enzymes, thereby leading to detoxification of the rancid fat present in the membranes.  

3. The mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats lower the level of cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Supports Healthy Cholesterol Profile.

4. The minerals and vitamins present in Brazil nuts can reduce the risk of getting certain types of cancers such as prostate, colon, stomach, lung and breast cancers. The natural function of selenium in the human body facilitates glutathione, an enzyme that fights cancer-causing free radicals.

5. Being a powerful antioxidant, selenium is known to protect the body from cellular damage by free radicals and improves male fertility.

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