Nature's Ally Tomato Cheese Soup

Nature's Ally Tomato Cheese Soup

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Nature’s Ally Tomato Cheese Soup : Pack of 3 : Formulated with Tomato,and cheese, Rock salt, Sugar  is a Natural soup without any artificial fragrance, color or preservative. It is in the powder form, packaged in sachets precisely measured for each day’s personal needs and convenient to carry.

Tomato:  is a good source of potassium, B- carotene (vitamin A) and Vitamin C.Tomato contains large amounts of Lycopene, an antioxidant highly effective in scavenging cancer causing free radicals. It reduces cholesterol and protects the heart. Research shows that it also counters the effect of Cigarette Smoke.

Cheese : Cheese is a great source of protein and calcium. Since protein curbs hunger and keeps you feeling satisfied after meals and snacks, cheese can help you to lose weight. As part of a well-rounded nutrition plan, the protein in cheese can slow down the absorption of carbohydrates eaten at the same meal or snack and therefore help balance your blood-sugar levels and improve mood as well.

Directions for Use : Serves 4 - 6 cups . Add hot water and stir well till its thick and serve hot.

Product Ingredients : Tomato, Cheese, rock salt, black pepper, white pepper, salt.