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Neev Attar Rollon Sandalwood

Neev Attar Rollon Sandalwood

  • Rs. 260.00

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Benefits of Attar Rollons over Commercially available Deo sprays

Attar preparations are organic, non-chemical and non-alcoholic. Unlike the commercially available deo sprays, they do not cause any harm to the skin. They never have any side effects like skin irritation, increased bacterial production which the aluminium oxide containing deo sprays often have. They are safe for use on sensitive skins as well. The pleasing aroma of attars is derived from plants and flowers by distillation over slight heat.

The Healing Properties of Attars

Attars are a blessing from nature. The divine fragrance of attar aids to give relaxation and calmness to the body, mind and soul which is a boon in today’s stressful busy life. When used regularly, they are rejuvenating and increase sensual enjoyment. The molecules of attar make your entire aura fragrant and you are highly welcome by people wherever you go. The attars have a great self healing power. Mental and physical relaxation combined with heightened alertness, improved concentration, enhanced memory, regulation of the nervous system, and restoration of immunity suppressed by stress are only a few of the benefits that these aromatic treasures give. Is it any wonder that these plants, which produce a luxurious abundance of intoxicating fragrances, are associated with higher consciousness and the opening of the heart? Excellent for romance, meditation, mental concentration, and many other purposes.

Pleasant smelling and 100% natural body deodorant. Pine wood case packaging to be reused as pen stand.

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Pure Sandalwood Oil

Weight: 5ml

Best Before: 18 mths from mfg.

How to use: Directly apply on under arms, behind the ears, on the neck