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Newage - Organic gardening Solution

Newage - Organic gardening Solution

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Now nourish your plants naturally with this organic Gardening solution from NewAge. The combo contains:


1) Ecopot - Soil Nutrient and Plant Growth

• Formulated in specialized granular form containing unique consortia micro organisms (nitrogen fixing, phosphate solubilizing, potassium mobilizing and disease controlling organisms) with natural plant nutrient supplements. 

• Granules are specially formulated for slow release of plant growth supplements for extended soil enrichment benefits. 


Triple advantages: Soil nutrient enrichment, plant growth promotion and disease control.

• Helps to strengthen roots and helps in plant establishment.

• Enhances soil structure and porosity, thus improves water retention capacity.

• Development of resistance against bacterial and fungal pathogens.

• Provides plant growth promoters facilitating flourished growth of plants.

• Helps to boost the soil fertility by increasing the soil micro flora and proving balanced ecosystem.


-Plant beneficial micro organisms

-Organic matter

-Herbal extracts

Usage: Place 5- 10 gm granules (depending upon the plant size) close to the roots of a plant. (250 gm (1 jar) for up to 50 no. of plants.) 

Application Frequency: Once per month or as per specific requirements

Weight: 250 gm granules in HDPE jar

Why To Use

For Potted plants, Shrubs and vegetable garden: For soil nutrient management and plant growth promotion

2) Ecobloom - For Flowering Enhancement


• Unique formulation containing a wide range of quintessential plant growth promoters.

• Formulation enriched with essential micro nutrients for flowering and fruiting enhancement 


• Helps in stimulating plant growth and metabolism. 

 • Enhances luster of leaves and strengthening branching. 

 • Leads to more floral bud formation and delays withering. 

 • Reduces immature flower and fruit dropping.

 • Leads to stronger, healthier, lush green and blooming foliage. 

 • Enhances quality and yield of flowers and fruits. 


-Organic matter

-Herbal extracts


Prepare a solution by mixing 5 ml liquid per 1 liter of water and spray uniformly on the plant. (250 ml (1 bottle) for up to 100 no. of plants.)

Application Frequency

Once per month or as per specific requirements

Weight: 250 ml granules in HDPE jar

Why To Use: For Potted plants, Shrubs and vegetable garden: For flowering and fruiting enhancement