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Omved Baby Bib Compress - 200 Gms

Omved Baby Bib Compress - 200 Gms

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Net Weight : 200 Gms

This 100% natural compress revives the ancient Vedic tradition of moist warm/cold healing. This warmer is made of a soft 100% organic cotton cover and generously filled with premium whole flaxseeds and ajwain seeds (Bishop's Weed).

Flaxseed has a much higher oil content allowing the bib to retain and release moist heat for a long period of time. The seeds are Small, Flat and Smooth, which makes the bibs completely flexible and comfortable.

The aroma of Ajwain seeds gives tremendous symptomatic relief for colic, cold and cough according to Ayurvedic experts.

When you warm the compress, it triggers a natural healing action that will aid cranky unhappy little ones to slumber. It is an excellent aid for babies during the cough, cold, and flu season allowing the power of heat to soothe away respiratory discomfort.

Ingeredients : This compress bib is specially designed and contoured to fit comfortably on a baby. It is made of a soft 100% organic cotton cover and generously filled with premium quality, whole flaxseed( Linum Usitatissimum)s and Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi) Baby bib compress contains: Flax seeds - 150 gms Ajwain ( Carraway seeds) - 50 gms.

Instruction : To heat the compress: Remove the inserter bib from the terry cover and place compress in a microwave oven and warm for 90-120 seconds for the first time. When warming place a glass of water along with the warmer in order to avoid burning of herbs.

For consequent usage, warm for 60-90 seconds. (time varies per microwave). Check heat - the bib should be warm not hot. Place in the cover and tie on babys neck to open congested sinus tissues and ease child’s breathing. Do not store away until cold. Leave to cool on a non-combustible surface.

Know More : We have made this compress from flaxseed because it possesses superior heat absorption & retention qualities. Flax seeds are known to generate moist heat as they cool down. Moist heat penetrates more effectively than dry heat.

Omved compresses assures the temperature remains warm not burning,through its organic cotton cover which serves as a protecting layer between skin and the hot compress.

Omved herbal compresses are safer than hot water bags (no fear of leaking) and electric warmers, more confortable than gel bags (fits to the contours of your body) and the best eco-friendly option available.