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Omved Dhoop - Shuddhi

Omved Dhoop - Shuddhi-100gms

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Atmospheric Cleansing



The Shuddhi Dhoop is blended with Ayurvedic anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal herbs and resins. These were traditionally used and believed tocleanse the air of unhealthy airborne microorganisms. Frankincense to drive out evil spirits believed to be causing sickness and Juniper to cleanse the atmosphere and support meditation to purify the consciousness and calm the mind.


Direction for Use : First light a candle. Holding one side of the incense charcoal tablet with a pair of tweezers, place it on the candle flame. The briquette should start to crackle and glow. Next, set the charcoal in a container on a bed of sand. The sand layer under the charcoal should be at least 3/4-1 inch thick. Slowly fan or blow on the tablet. Only after the charcoal is aglow and stops crackling,, use a knife, spoon or tweezers to drop the incense onto the tablet. Lastly, charcoal may continue to burn for two hours after lighting - so don't just throw it in a wastebasket. Use tweezers to extract the tablet and submerse it in water.


Ingredients : Frankincense, guggul, cedar, juniper and a proprietary blend of essential oils.