Omved Grahashanti Windchime

Omved Grahashanti Windchime

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For Harmony and Peace at home

A wind chime of five rods, which represent the panchtattva or five elements, is considered to be auspicious. Vastu Shastra recommends suspending a five rod metallic wind chime in the west of your house for family happiness or mental rest. It gives good health if hung in Brahma Sthan (centre of the house or room) and if hung in north-west, the owner gets many new opportunities in life. It can also be hung at the entrance of ones home to usher in positive energy. The purpose of a wind chime is to disperse the rushing or the stagnating ‘prana’ or energy; hence its position is critical to ensure its proper functioning. Instructions:While installing the wind chime look for a place in your home where natural air enters all the time through a window.