Omved Mrudu Bathbar - 125 Gms

Omved Mrudu Bathbar - 125 Gms

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Mrudu is a mild, gentle bathbar, full of natural essential oils specially formulated for babies. The cold-process saponified pure vegetable oil base has a low, creamy lather; almost like bathing in a lotion while the moisturizing goodness of Castor oil and pure plant based glycerin has been specially added for richer moisturising. Sweet Almond milkdeeply nourishes baby's skin to leave it soft and healthy while Saffron improves complexion.

Handcrafted in small batches, using the cold process saponification method to retain natural glycerine and utilize the skin soothing and moisturizing oils of palm, coconut and olive. We use only pure therapeutic grade essential oils and botanicals and herbal or floral colors to make each soap unique. Our bath bars - a treat for both your skin and your senses! Our eco-friendly and vegan bars have:

No Detergents

No Synthetic Dyes or Colorants

No Synthetic Perfumes or Scents

No Animal Testing or Products

No Artificial Ingredients

No preservatives. 

NO parabens, triclosan, sulfates, artificial fragrance or colours, glycols or animal products. ONLY pure therapeutic-grade essential oils and natural oils. Instructions:Work it up into a light lather and massage into baby's skin at bath time.

Ingredients : Saponified vegetable oils, glycerine, castor oil, almond milk, Kashmir saffron and almond oil.