Omved My First Pillow

Omved My First Pillow

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This Unique pillow conforms to head shape, allows air circulation and helps prevent flat head syndrome. Mustard seeds give bio-energy

A baby's skull takes approx 12 to 18 months to harden. During this time it is important to protect the baby's head from any repeated pressure building up on one area of the head that can lead to flattening. The Omved Baby Mustard Pillow evenly distributes pressure around baby's delicate head whilst offering comfort to the baby.

Mustard seeds have been used traditionally to help increase blood circulation, reduce ear infections, calm colic and soothe the sinuses. They are a constant source of bio-energy. The baby will wake up rested, full of vitality and less prone to illnesses.
Introduce the Omved Baby Mustard Pillow as early as possible.
When asleep always lay on the back, both the baby's head and shoulders should lie steadily on the pillow.

Help your baby to lie on alternate sides of the head.

Remove the pillow when the baby is old enough to turn over to the tummy by itself. The pillow can be continued to be used to support the head at playtime, in the buggy, nappy change, etc.

Cover can be removed for washing.

Care : Put the inner pillow occasionally in the sun for natural cleaning.

Ingredients : Organic mustard seeds, ayurganic cotton cover.

Direction for Use : From birth till baby can turn over on tummy.