Omved Nightqueen Ayurvedic Incense

Omved Nightqueen Ayurvedic Incense

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Omved Nightqueen Ayurvedic Incense has a mildly scented but deeply intoxicating floral aroma, the Night Queen envelops one in its heady fragrance, instantly lifting the mood. It balances all three Doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

What makes the exotic Raat ki Rani aroma invaluable is its method of collection; blossoms are picked only between midnight and early dawn. This ensures for an authentic full-bodied aroma.

Omved Ayurvedic incense are 'Masala incense' referring to the traditional incense making technique of Vedic India. 

A 'masala' or mixture of 100% natural aromatic botanicals (no charcoal) are rolled into natural bamboo sticks as compared to 'dip incense' in which sticks of charcoal are dipped into synthetic fragrance or essential oils. 

Infused with the abundance of nature these aromatic ingredients combine to produce a smooth, slow-burning incense. The result is a fresh and fragrant breath of conscious bliss.

Ingredients: Length: stick 20 cm & incenses 17 cms. Burn time: 30-35 minutes.

Hand rolled natural bamboo sticks into a masala (spice mix) containing Night queen (Cestrum nocturnum) in a propreitary base of Jeegat (natural bark) and other aromatic herbs, resins and essential oils.

Our classic Ayurvedic incense do not contain synthetic fragrances, glue, toxic fillers or burners, charcoal or dung. We not use apply the dipping technique, thus creating non-toxic incense sticks, suitable for indoor use.

Suitable for indoor use, safe for children, elderly and pets.


To light the cored incense:Place the stick with the non-coated end on a heat-resistant surface, such as a trivet or ceramic tile. Hold a lit match or a lighter flame to the coated end of the incense for ten seconds or more till it lights. Blow out the incense flame and let it begin to smolder. The incense stick will smoke light gray to white in color.

Never leave burning incense unattended. When done, you can use the ash as combust for your plants.