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The Sanskrit word samskar has come to refer to a ceremony that is performed to celebrate and sanctify life's milestones from conception to cremation. There are 16 recognised, important samsk?rs to be performed (ShodashaSamsk?rs) in the life of an individual.

This comprehensive Vedic ritual kit offers all the tools you will need to celebrate and perform the 7 childhood samsk?rs memorable and auspicious.

1. Jatakarman - birth ceremony

2. Naamkaran - naming ceremony

3. Nishkramana - child's first outing

4. Annaprashana - child's first solid meal

5. Mundan - child's first haircut

6. Karnavedha - the ear-piercing ceremony

7. Vidy Arambha - the beginning of formal education.

Ingredients / Materials Used : This kit contains:

1 organic Bamboo Mantra Swaddle

1 Small Copper Kalash 5gm sachet of Barley and Rice

1 Jãtakarman Bhandarwar 5 gm x 2 sachets Sandalwood powder

1. Raksha Mauli 30 ml Gangajal 20gm sachet of Mangal Utsav Dhoop

1 terracotta travel Dhoopdaan

1 roll (10 tablets) Charcoal Pellets

1 MangalUtsavBhandarwar 20 gmX 2 sachets Kumkum 10 gm sachet of Rice Ashtagandha Chalk

1 green N?mkaranVastra

1 piece Turmeric

1 piece Betel Nut

1 piece Almond 5 gm Moong

1 Kansa Bronze Plate/Thaali 10gm sachet of Akshat/Ricewith Kumkum and Haridra 10gm sachet of Turmeric Powder

1 Small Silver Paan

1 Naamkarana Wooden Frame

1. BhojPatra

1 wooden pen /Kalam

2 tins *5gms Kajal Incense Sticks

1. Shishu Samsk?r Mantra CD

1. Instruction Guide

Direction For Use : Instructions enclosed in the kit

Care Instructions : Samskar are a series of sacraments, sacrifices and rituals that serve as rites of passage and add spiritual significance, marking the important stages in an individual's life from conception to cremation. They are purificatory rites, literally 'making perfect, purification, cleansing', derived from the Sanskrit word 'sansk r' meaning 'to form well, to increase potential.’

Each important milestone is to be celebrated by undertaking a particular Samskara wherein the significance of that milestone is ritualistically conveyed. There are 16 most popular samskars performed in a person's life. Omved Vedic Samskar kits contain all the tools and guides to help you perform the rites authentically and easily.