Omved Sandal Ayurvedic Incense

Omved Sandal Ayurvedic Incense

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100% natural non-toxic incense

Sandalwood - Chandanam

Traditionally known to relax, and meditation and enhance positivity.

A distictive, warm, deep, earthy & exotic aroma to complement natural healing techniques. Chandan refers to powder or paste obtained by vigorously grinding a piece of pure sandalwood on a hard flat surface in a circular motion. This laborious and manual process is said to have been used since ancient vedic times, to achieve this age-old fragrance.

Natural bamboo is hand rolled into 100% natural ingredients, aromatic roots, resins, essential oils, custom blended according to the Ayurveda tradition.

No glue and No dung, completely non toxic, suitable for use indoors.