Organic India 5 Tulsi Green Tea 25 Tea Bags Boxes

Organic India 5 Tulsi Green Tea 25 Tea Bags Boxes

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Green Tea is widely recognized for its potent, life enhancing properties - especially for its abundance of polyphenols which naturally protect the body from damaging free radicals. In these divine blends ORGANIC INDIA unites all of the health benefits of Tulsi together with those of Green Tea, resulting in an unsurpassed group of teas that are antioxidant-rich, increase energy levels and balance the senses. Each of these expertly blended flavor combinations offer its own unique qualities. Revive yourself with a cup of Tulsi Green Tea!

Key Benefits:

- Tulsi adaptogenic properties

- Wonderfully restorative powers

- Rich in antioxidants and other nutrient

- Stimulates and revitalizes

- Enhances respiratory functions

How to Prepare Green Tea:

- Heat up the water (for green tea the leaves are delicate so if you could get the water BEFORE boiling temperature (like hot but not boiling)

- Put tea bag in

- Keep dipping the tea bag for about 20 to 30 seconds

Tip: Never supposed to make tea by putting the tea bag in normal water and then heat it up, because this limits the flavor of the tea.