Pure Naturals - Indus Valley Botanical Hair Color - Mahogany Kit - 180 Gms

Pure Naturals - Indus Valley Botanical Hair Color - Mahogany Kit - 180 Gms

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Net Weight : 180 Gms

Indus Valley 100% Botanical Hair Color is a combination of micro refined plant materials & proteins. These pure vegetable ingredients do not after the structure or natural hair color of your hair and actually condition your hair while imparting color. This products contains 0% Chemicals, completely free of heavy metals, completely free of PPD & its derivatives, completely free of Synthetic colorants, fragrances and preservatives.

Ingredients : Matricaria Chamomila, Rubia Cardifolia Rose, Rouge, ndigofera tinctoria Blue, Lawsonia Inermis Re, Bixa Orellana, Haematoxylum Campechianum Gris, Cassia Obovata, Sojae Praeparatum.

Directions for Use : Empty out the sachet of Herbal Hair Color Powder (in required quantity according to length of your hair) in a non metallic (Glass or Plastic) mixing bowl. Add boiling water to it in required quantity. Stir the mixture to uniform honey like consistency.

Apply the mixture to hair, from root to top, parting hair to small bunches, Using applicator Brush.

Leave for 15- 45 minutes (Dark hair takes longer) and rinse thoroughly with fresh running water till it runs clear.

Dry & style as required.