Rustic Art Chlorine Free Laundry Kit

Rustic Art Chlorine Free Laundry Kit

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There are 3 items in the Rustic Art Chlorine Free Laundry Kit:

1. Rustic Art - Bio Laundry Bar - 150 gms * 2

2. Rustic Art Chlorine-free laundry detergent for regular clothes, 500 gms

3. Rustic Art Bio Liquid Laundry

About Rustic Art Laundry Kit :  Rustic Art laundry range is completely bio-degradable and eco friendly such that the rinsed water can be used to water plants & is a good soil fertilizer. It is absolutely Chlorine Free and can be safely used in washing machines (Top & front load). Bio Laundry Range is vegetable oils based. This natural detergent is a single processed detergent with Lemon extracts.

Ingredients : Saponified non-edible oils, Neem & Lemon extracts.