SOS Organics Himalayan Fragrant Red Rice 500 gm

SOS Organics Himalayan Fragrant Red Rice 500 gm

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Himalayan Fragrant Red Rice vegetarian, gluten free grown in the high valleys of the Kumaon Himalaya,  is an old variety that grows best under extreme weather conditions in rain fed areas. It is a highly nutritious rice with a crunchy texture and an interesting flavour. It is naturally grown without any chemicals.

In Asia, rice has been, and still is, a main source of nutrition. Rice has been cultivated in India and China since ancient times.

It is rich in Thiamine, or vitamin B1, which is contained in the outer husk and coating of the rice kernel. When technology for polishing rice became available, people took to eating highly polished white rice stripped of its germ layer which makes it look good but is definitely not better for your health.
Brown rice is old fashioned rice which is de-husked but still has its inner layer intact.
All the iron, protein and B vitamins are present in this layer.
Brown unpolished rice has more nutritional value than white rice and can help insulin dependent diabetes patients to normalize blood sugar levels.

Net weight:500 gms