SOS Organics Himalayan Puffed Amaranth (Raajgira) - 200 Gms

SOS Organics Himalayan Puffed Amaranth (Raajgira) - 200 Gms

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Net Weight : 200 Gms

Grown under natural conditions without the use of pesticides in the Kumaon Himalayas, Amaranth has the highest calcium content. Known as the Grain of the Gods, Amaranth was a staple food of the Atzecs and has been cultivated for 8000 years. Amaranth contains between 75% and 87% of total human nutritional requirements. Amaranth provides a high quality protein, with a nearly perfect balance of essential amino acids, including abundant lysine and methionine, which is not found in most grains. It is an important high protein source for vegetarians. SOS Organics seeks to preserve the biodiversity of the Himalayan region by promoting Indigenous naturally grown healthy food. These product lack fancy packaging , but they are of uncompromising quality and guaranteed to be free from adulterates which wreck havoc to health and well-being.

Direction For Use : Serving Suggestions : 1 cup puffed Amaranth, 1 cup chopped fruit, 1 cup hot or cold milk, gur shakker or honey to taste. Mix all ingredients in a bowl to make a healthy, tasty and nutritious breakfast.

Key Benefits : High in Calcium , Iron and B Vitamins.