Soulflower Cleansing Sandalwood Soap

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Your skin is the part of your body that is most exposed to the outside. Air pollution & sunlight are the main causes of skin cell deterioration, resulting in aging skin, melasma, dark spots & acne. This soap is a combination of several natural herbs that have been used over the ages for fair, beautiful skin. Restore skin moisture and rejuvenate skin cells. Boost skin. Tone & diminish wrinkles. Experience the bright and smooth skin you've dreamed of !

Key Ingredients. Each with their properties : Due to its ability to stimulate healthy cell growth & repair damaged tissues, Aloevera soothes troubled skin &
is super great for all sorts of skin trouble. 

Tanaka a thai natural herb, combats skin problems, revealing healthy skin which is soft & smooth to the touch. 

Lemon juice is acidic with exfoliating properties helping to peel away the skin’s top layer, thereby removing existing pigmentation or dark spots.  

Sandalwood, Gram flour & turmeric powder have antimicrobial properties that reduce skin inflammations, clear blemishes & reduce suntan. 
Orange peel acts as an astringent & skin toning agent, clearing acne, age spots & skin blemishes. 

Walnut removes blackheads and helps to exfoliate dead cells. Vitamin A, C, and alpha hydroxy acid present in potato are best ingredients for toning the skin & lessening the wrinkles on the skin. It also reduces the scars on the skin. Licorice extract has antibacterial & antiseptic qualities & reduces skin spots.

Peppermint, Basil & Neem leaves help Unhealthy, Sore, Itchy & Acne skin. Tones skin, Reduces red blotches, Brightens dull skin.

Triphala contains polyphenols, Flavanoids & Other antioxidants that possess both anti-inflammatory & Antibacterial properties, Clearing acne & problem skin. Winter cherry (ashwagandha) soothes skin abrasions caused due to environmental conditions.

Contains : Essential oils & leaves of peppermint, Basil, Neem, Lemon juice, Tanaka, Sandalwood, Gram flour, Turmeric powder, Orange peel, Vit. C, Glycerin, Aqua, Olive, Coconut, Palm & Palm kernel oil.

Skin Type : For Face.

Skin Concerns which the product Takes Care of : Our soap is made from natural herbs, essential oils & vegetable oils. Glycerin, which is produced naturally during the soap making process moisturizes the skin. These natural ingredients make our soap bubbly, creamy & soft.

How to Use :   Soulflower soap comes in large bar sizes; you should cut how much you need and store the unused soap in a cool dry place. This way you can make your , soap last for a long time. Keep the soap in a soap dish, so that water drains away & the soap is dry when not in use. Does not contain artificial hardeners & preservatives.  Store in a cool dry place for longer shelf life.

Warning if Any :  Not For Human Consumption Keep Away From Eyes.