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Soulflower Grapefruit Anti Cellulite Aroma Massage Oil - 90 ml

Soulflower Grapefruit Aroma Oil - 90 ml

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Net Weight : 90 ml


Refreshing Anti Cellulite Massage Oil

This blend of diuretic essential oils stimulates the flow of blood & lymph, improves circulation, reducing puffiness, swelling & water retention.

Ingredients : Grapefruit, benzoin, lemon & juniper essential oils, Vitamin E, Jojoba, olive, rice bran & sesame oils.


Use as an all over body massage oil or add a few drops to warm bath water. Best if used before bedtime & left overnight. The rich blend of jojoba, olive & rice bran oil stimulate blood circulation & improve the circulatory & toxic removal system of the body, while sesame oil is excellent for body ache. Vitamin E easily permeates into the skin leaving it radiant & healthy from the inside. 


Pressure point massage Why not make sure you've released some tension and stress by discovering pressure point massage therapy. By applying acupressure and massage-like techniques to the feet or hands, you can positively influence all other parts of the body with refreshing.


Anti Cellulite enhances the body’s natural healing process.

It has been found to reduce stress and tension; it is believed that 75% of our health problems can be linked to nervous stress & tension. Anti Cellulite reduces stress by inducing deep relaxation.

Anti Cellulite  Improves circulation

Blood carries oxygen & other vital nutrients through the body & carries away toxins and waste products. One of the symptoms of a stressful life is reduced  blood circulation.By increasing circulation with  massage therapy the body is more able to receive the nutrients carried in blood, and eliminate waste products more effectively.

Anti Cellulite assists in the removal of toxins

Our body also removes toxins through our digestive and lymphatic system. Anti Cellulite can help by increasing the flow and movements to these systems, decreasing stress held in those areas and clearing blockages. Regular massage therapy can work gently to bring relief directly to the area of the body where stress and tension is held.