Soulflower Hair care Hamper Set

Soulflower Hair care Hamper Set

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1. SoulFlower Refreshing Lavender Massage Oil

First, give healthy supplements and second, smile at every compliment that comes your way. All this is promised with the Soulflower Lavender Rosemary Healthy Hair Aroma Massage Oil.

Let your hair experience all the pampering with natural backup in the form of essential ingredients that strengthen and energize hair follicles and the pores on your scalp. Massages with the oil fight hair fall and stimulate fresh growth so premature baldness is not a possibility by promoting hair growth.

Amla, present in this oil promotes a strong protection against itchiness and dryness of the scalp by removing dandruff that is causing hair fall and other ill effects.

Olive oil conditions your hair and improves the texture by smoothening hair cuticles to enable hair to become much healthier and shinier.

Adds moisture Manageable Hair.

Jojoba leaves a cooling effect and effectively hydrates your hair, leaving it soft and supple so styling and managing your hair is the easiest breeze everyday.

Controls an oily Scalp.

Castor oil controls the secretion of natural oil and helps in managing your hair. This oil penetrates deep into the roots and smoothens hair cuticles.

Key Features:

- Smoothens Hair Cuticle

- Controls Oily Scalp

- Prevents Premature Baldness

- Reduces Itchiness and Dry Scalp Conditions

- Gives Strength and Energy to Hair

- Promotes Hair Growth

- Manageable Hair

- Anti Dandruff

- Adds Moisture

2. SoulFlower Coldpressed Jojoba Carrier Oil

[Latin Name: Simmondsia chinensis] Extract from the seeds of the jojoba plant with Vitamin B ,E & mineral Vitamins


Apply 1 drop to damp hair for shine & frizz control.

Ingredients: Jojoba Seed.


Blend  carrier oil with a few drops of any Soulflower essential oil & use as desired!  For best results use 1 to 5% essential oils say about 5 drops essential oil in 1 teaspoon of carrier oil.

3. SoulFlower Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) has a fresh, herbaceous, sweet, slightly medicinal aroma. An energizing oil, it is beneficial for helping to restore mental alertness when experiencing fatigue. Helps with a variety of congested respiratory tract problems, stiff muscles, coldness as well as boosting the liver and gall bladder. It is also used for improving hair and scalp health.
Key Features:
•    Helps balance mind & body
•    Reduces mental strain
•    Helps in exhaustion
•    Reduces lethargy
Ingredients: Rosemary oil is extracted from the fresh flowering tops by steam distillation.
Because essential oils are so concentrated, it is usually best to dilute them with a neutral carrier oil, such as grapeseed, wheatgerm, hazelnut,avocado, sweet almond, jojoba, coconut or olive,to avoid irritating the skin. Add 1 or 2 drops of essential oil to a teaspoon of your chosen carrier oil & blend well.
Cautions: Do not use Essential Oils directly on skin. Please consult with Physician before use.