Vedic Delite Alfalfa Powder 100Gms

Vedic Delite Alfalfa Powder 100Gms

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Whether it’s to build immunity, treat an itchy scalp, alleviate bad breath or increase energy and reduce fatigue, Vedic Delite Alfalfa Powder is a mixed bag of health benefits. Made with rich mineral food, and combined with carrot and lettuce juice, this powder even stimulates hair growth! Known as the Father of all Foods, the plant can extend its root system up to ten metres into the Earth, which explains why it contains numerous minerals and nutrients that other plants cannot obtain. Pick the Vedic Delite Alfalfa Powder, for a positive contribution to health and vitality.

Nett Weight: 100 Gms

Key Benefits:

- Recognized for its ‘fat burning’ ability

- Recognized for normalizing digestive function

- Assists in appetite regulation

- Natural fiber

- Beneficial to itchy scalp, irritable eyes and ‘runny’ noses for hay-fever sufferers, chronic catarrh and the ‘acid’ taste on the tongue of older folk

- Aids protein-digestion

- Aids diabetics by reducing cholesterol and blood sugar levels

- Improves liver functions

- Relieves pain and stiffness of arthritis/bursitis

- Increases energy levels and reduces fatigue

- Strengthens immune system

- In combination with carrot and lettuce juice, alfalfa taken daily assists in the growth of hair

- Vital role in strength & growth of bones

- Improves immunity

- Helps promote normal blood clotting and act as an excellent blood purifier

- For those of you concerned about bad breath, this may be the herb for you. Alfalfa is a source of chlorophyll, the active ingredient in many breath fresheners

Directions for Use: One Teaspoon (approx. 3 gms) with water in the morning and drink on the empty stomach.


- Do not have any food for half and hour before and after consumption.

- Pregnant or lactating women are advised to consume Herbal products under the advice of the Healthcare Practitioner.

About Vedic DeliteTM: Vedic DeliteTM brings to all people eager to live a holistic and healthy lifstyle, a delightful range of curated, natural, organic products.