Vedic Delite Green Coffee Bean with Diet Consultation Plan

Vedic Delite Green Coffee Bean with Diet Consultation Plan

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So, you have taken a goal to get lean & slim. Your initial thoughts would be to hit the gym and go heavy on the floor exercises and weights. There are others who would take to a low fat diet. The results may or may not come. 

Losing weight effectively is just a matter of following a set of well-proven measures. If these are followed judiciously, then you will surely achieve your goal. If it has worked on many others, it should work for you as well. These steps are:

  1.   a) Follow a get-lean diet;
  2.   b) Follow a moderate exercise plan; and
  3.   c) Ensure that you flush out that extra fat, which quietly but surely makes your weight go north.

Natural Mantra brings you a holistic package to help you get onto a scientific journey to lose weight.

This package contains:

  1. One Month online Weight and Diet Management consultation with our nutritionists; and
  2. Green Coffee Bean extract, which not only improves your metabolism but also flushes out any excess fat you may be consuming.

A: Weight and Diet Management consultation for One Month

Through our panel of nutritionists and dieticians, we bring you this online plan to lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve your goal. No need to worry about the traffic woes and travel time to meet with your nutritionist.

Our nutritionists will prepare a personalized diet plan for you, keeping in mind your routine and ensuring that you get all the required nutrients through the day. At the same time it will start helping you lose kilos and inches the right way. Your nutritionist will be just a click away, so you can be rest assured that all your questions get answered immediately. Your diet will be designed and monitored by our trained and experienced Dietitian to ensure that you get the right amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats that your body needs.

The exercise plan takes into account your daily schedule. The combination of the exercise schedule and diet plan helps maximize weight-loss and nutrition.

Key Benefits:

- Tailor-made diet that helps you learn the art of eating right

- Tailor-made exercise plan to expedite the process of weight loss

- Regular interaction with the nutritionist.

Key Features:

- Personalized Diet Plan through a detailed enrollment process, twice in the month

- Personalized Exercise Plan

- Periodic Performance Review

- Email interaction with the Nutritionists

How does it Work

- Once you have purchased this package, you will receive a detailed enrollment form

- Fill up this form, and it will be sent to the nutritionist assigned to you

- The nutritionist will then interact with you over e-mail and share the diet plan. You can ask any question you may have on the diet plan

- You will need to maintain a daily diary of you diet and share with the nutritionist on a weekly basis.

- The nutritionist will suggest any changes to the diet plan after two weeks, based on the review

- The nutritionist will also explain the need for eating right

- You will need to ensure that you follow the plan strictly

- Nutritionist will suggest further course of action for you to follow, before the end of the plan period.

B - Green Coffee Bean Extract Capsules - 500 mg | 60 Capsules:

Green Coffee beans are raw and unroasted coffee beans with 50% Chlorogenic Acid (CGA) (active ingredient) per 500mg capsule. CGA is the magical substance in Green Coffee fat loss capsules. CGA controls the absorption of fat and boosts the metabolism of excess fat in the body. Why unroasted coffee beans, you may ask. When the beans are roasted, they turn brown and a significant amount of Chlorogenic acid is lost. What we drink normally is roasted coffee, and it is also high in caffeine content.

How does Green Coffee Bean Aid in Weight Loss?

It works in two ways -

  1. It slows the release of glucose into your body, and
  2. At the same time it boosts your metabolism so you burn fat.

Study shows that Chlorogenic acid works on the digestive system such that it lets the consumed carbohydrates pass through without getting digested. Carbohydrates are the key source of fat and increase the sugar level. If the carbs are not absorbed then it helps reduce the weight and also controls the sugar level.

This has made Green Coffee Bean the most effective Weight Loss supplement - Nature's Gift!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I enroll?
  2. Complete your Registration Form.
    b. Complete your Medical History Form.
    c. Complete your Lifestyle survey.
    d. Complete your Diet History.
  3. How will I receive my 'Diet Advice Report'?
  4. You have to e-mail your 'Food Diary' on a daily basis to our nutritionists.
    b. Nutritionists will revert to you with changes in the diet, if any.
  5. How will my diet be monitored?
  6. Once your enrollment is complete, our team of nutritionists shall prepare your 'Diet Advise Report' within 24 working hours.
    b. Your Diet Advise Report will be e-mailed to you on the e-mail ID provided by you. 

    4. What if I want to speak to a nutritionist?
a. During your 1 month program at Natural Mantra, you can send e-mail for scheduling a call. The nutritionists will confirm the time slot and will call you at the agreed time.