Vedic Delite Tulsi Honey 250Gms

Vedic Delite Organic Tulsi Honey 250Gms

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Vedic Delite Organic Tulsi Honey has the goodness of both tulsi and honey. 

Vedic Delite Organic Tulsi Honey is pure, unheated, unpasteurized, unprocessed and minimally processed to maintain all the natural enzymes.

Tulsi Honey is an “adaptogen”(adaptogens are herbs, barks, roots, fruits and mushrooms that help the body “adapt” to stress factors) other than containing many phyto chemicals that act synergistically to promote the body’s natural-defence mechanisms towards disease and stress.

Mix Vedic Delite Tulsi Honey with your green tea or hot water to can cleanse your body from within as Tulsi and Honey help in detoxifying and purifying the body!

Key Benefits:

- Improves the immunity due to its anti-bacterial properties

- Sharpens your memory

- Strengthens respiratory system

- Applying raw tulsi honey on the face, makes the skin softer and protects it from acne due to its natural herbal properties

- Induces Sleep

- Its soothing effect helps soothe out sore throat

- Helps in Digestion

- It works as a delicious source of energy

- When consumed daily, it can help treat kidney stone, by expelling the renal stones through the urinary tract


Wild Honey (100% Natural), Tulsi (Basil) Extract

How To Use:

You can consume Tulsi Honey either by:
1. Mixing two teaspoons of Tulsi Honey every day with water can help as a major revitaliser at the start of the day, preferably before any meals or beverages.
2. You could also mix this product with lukewarm water, and drink this whenever you feel very thirsty.

Net Quantity:

1 * 250 gms.

Best Before:

18 months of Packaging.

Storage Instructions:

Please do not refrigerate


Try not to consume Tulsi Honey mixture with Milk, because it is a bad combination which may lead to different skin disorders.

Do seek advice from your nutritionist before starting any herbal supplements especially if you are pregnant or nursing or have existing medical conditions or are taking prescription medications

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, hence it is advisable to take the advice of a physician prior to consumption