Vedic Delite Wheatgrass Powder - 100gm

Vedic Delite Wheatgrass Powder - 100gm

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Wheatgrass powder is a natural product that is produced and extracted by dehydrating the wheatgrass juice. It is the Nutritionists’ choice because this supplement is packed with healthy and nutritional compounds that are known to be of high value. Estheticians and cosmetologists praise the benefits of wheatgrass juice that include its ability to enhance the skin’s beauty and slowing down its aging process through internal cleansing and detoxification.

Its botanical name is Triticum Aestivumln and it is sold as a live plant, as well as, juice, powder, and tablets. Wheatgrass is an essential weight loss provider and is usually recommended as a major portion of diet for those who want to pull down.

Key Benefits:

It contains more than 30 beneficial enzymes which help in healthy bodily functions.

It purifies the blood

It is utilized body fat for increased energy

It also helps in combatting colon problems.

It is high in its quantity of amino acids.

It also benefits as a major antioxidant.

The consumption of Wheatgrass powder enhances digestion, that in turn provides for the loss of weight.

Health benefits also include balancing the body’s PH.

Lowers Blood Pressure.


Organic Wheat Grass Powder 100 gms.

Directions for Use:

Mix one spoon of the powder (3 gms approx.) with water and drink.


No effects mentioned, although pregnant women can refer to a medical practitioner before consuming.