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Vegetal Safe Colour Dark Brown For Beard 25 Gms

Vegetal Safe Colour Dark Brown For Beard 25 Gms

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Net Weight : 25 gms

Can also be used for hair color.

We know a lot of guys are intimated by the process and idea of coloring their gray hair.We would like to recommend a Natural Hair Dye and have listed reason why you can use  Natural Hair Dyes.

Commercial hair colors and dyes contain harmful chemicals that only deteriorate your hair quality. As per a study `KasturbaHospital’Manipal University, India. About 5% of the total hair dye users suffer from allergies due to harmful chemicals in hair dyeing products. Main allergen is para-Phenylene di amine (pPD). Henna, a key ingredient in natural hair dyes is known to have pure, natural hair colouring properties but it’s known to give just orange colour. There are more the 500 natural colours giving herbs, plants, shrubs, barks of the trees, flowers, fruit rind, leaves, roots out there.  Natural dyes include formualtions from  plants along with medicinal herbs like Awla, Shikakai, Brahmi and Brangraj. 

Benefits of Natural Hair Dye:

1. Control dandruff and increase hair growth.

2. Proteins from mother earth provides nourishment to your hair and scalp.

3. Give UV Protection and maintain luster of hair shaft.

4. Does not increase white hair.

Herbal Cosmoderma preparation means you cannot expect its result as fast as chemical preparation, But you can be sure of your safety from the allergies that PPD in hair dye causes to certain individuals.

Caution : No matter how natural a product is, It does have a potential of causing side effect/allergic reactions on certain individuals. For this reason we recommend allergic test before using Vegetal Bio Colour.

PPD Free, 100% natural hair color 

Ingredients : Indigofera tinctoria 60%, Lawsonia inermis 20%, Accacia catechu 2%,Rubia cardifolia 8%, Coffea arabica 3%,Accacia concinna 3%, Embalice offcinalis 2%, Eclipta alba 1%, Baccopa monnieri 1%. Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.

About Vegetal Bio Colour is 100% natural hair care and coloring formulation. It will color your hair by coating the hair shaft in desired color . It conditions and protect your hair. Hair damaged by chemical hair color regains their shine and softness by regular use of Vegetal Bio Colour.

Vegetal Bio Colour being pure herbal preparation is safe for use on Beard and Mustaches  and would not  leave any colour on skin.